Date(s) - Jul 22, 2021
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm



Title: Workplace Violence in Australia: What we know, what we must do

Date & time: 22 July 2021. 14h00-15h30 (Johannesburg time)
Format: Open Webinar

The speaker:
Joe Saunders F.ISRM is the R2S Group National Practise Lead for Occupational Violence & Aggression (OVA), based in Melbourne, Australia. Having worked in violence management, personal security and physical security roles since 2004, Joe was the lead researcher on Australia’s largest ever multi-sector study into occupational violence and aggression. Joe shares his expertise freely on the Managing Violence Podcast and has used the platform to interview leading experts in violence management, threat assessment, protection, security and self-defence globally.

This webinar will focus on workplace violence and aggression in Australia and highlight key findings from the 2020 multi-sector research report. The findings of this research project have been adopted by several State and Federal Government agencies as a framework for building their own OVA practise. This study focused on the following sectors: retail and customer service, liquor and hospitality, the private security industry, banking and financial services, healthcare and aged care services, and education and training.

Topics covered in this webinar will include:
Key findings from the 2020 research report on workplace violence and aggression in Australia
An exploration of the threat of workplace violence and why it is a bigger risk than it is often acknowledged to be
The importance of a multi-disciplinary approach to managing the risk
How to transform a “switched off” culture to a “switched on” culture
Changing the attitude towards violence and aggression in the workplace
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