Date(s) - Apr 21, 2022
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm



Presenter: Glenn French (Canada), President & CEO, Canadian Initiative on Workplace Violence

Although each of us comes to the field of threat assessment for different reasons, we all share the hope of a rewarding career in the service of others. Ironically, few give much thought to their safety or that of their family – that is, until the unexpected happens.

This session will concentrate on those rare occasions when the “tables are suddenly turned,” and the investigator becomes the victim. Focusing on three critical incidents over his 45-year career, Glenn objectively reviews what self-care strategies worked and what didn’t. Central to any successful coping strategy is the need to foster and maintain “perceived personal control,” where none exists. There are no simple answers, but the difficult question still needs to be asked – “what will you do when the unexpected happens.”-Glenn French


 Mr. French is the President and CEO of the Canadian Initiative, based in Toronto, Canada. Within the mental health field, Mr. French has held many senior administrative and clinical positions within both the private and public sectors. Over a 45 year career, many of Canada’s leading organizations interested in the safety and wellbeing of their employees have retained him. His clients include Federal Organisations such as the Federal Ministry of Labour and Canada Customs and Revenue; Provincial and Municipal Governments; Private Organisations such as Air Canada, Bank of Canada, Exxon Mobile; Law Enforcement agencies such as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Canadian Coast Guard; Health Services; Education Institutions; the Retail Industry; and Communication Services to name a few.


Established in 1998, the Canadian Initiative is a consultancy that studies trends in workplace conduct within Canada. In addition, we research and catalogue the practices, which organizations and unions are employing to reduce the risk of workplace conflict. The Canadian Initiative is committed to the sharing of this information with others who are interested in arriving at a better understanding of violence and harassment from a Canadian perspective and what we can do to prevent them. In addition, the Canadian Initiative works with employers to set policies and procedures, conduct organizational risk assessments, as well as, provide a wide range of educational programs for both employees and management. He has also been an invited speaker for such organizations as the American Federation of Labour, Ontario Hospital Association, Canadian Association of Threat Assessment Professionals and the Canadian Human Rights Commission to name but a few.


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