Date(s) - Oct 7, 2021
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How Not to Hire a Psychopath: Corporate Psychopathy: Organisational Threat or Strategy for Success

ABSTRACT: The best strategy to deal with psychopathic personalities in the workplace is to not let them penetrate our organisations in the first place. The next best is to build up the health and resilience of our organizations to prevent psychopathic personalities from wreaking havoc.

Looking through the lens of CEOs with psychopathic personalities in the workplace, Dr Nathan Brooks and Melissa Muir first look at the damaging long-term social and moral harms perpetrated within our workplaces: unethical behaviour, bullying, destructive leadership, large-scale Ponzi schemes, insider trading, fraud, embezzlement, and workplace intimidation and violence.

Then, after exploring the links between psychopathy and organizational threats, they look as well at potential strategies to prevent, mitigate and manage psychopathic personalities in our workplaces.

Bio: Dr Nathan Brooks
Dr Nathan Brooks is a Forensic Psychologist within the Behavioural Science Unit of the New Zealand Police and an Adjunct Senior Lecturer with Central Queensland University. Dr Brooks has specialised training pertaining to the psychological assessment of offending behaviour and has experience in both the private and public sectors.

His recent work has focused primarily on high-risk and high-harm offenders, particularly in respect to personality and behavioural risk indicators. His areas of expertise include psychopathy, personality testing, crime analysis, risk management, and psychological assessment.

Bio: Melissa Muir
Melissa Muir has been an HR professional in the U.S. courts for 25 years. Informed by threat assessment and management principles, Melissa is passionate about bridging the gap between security and human resources to improve the safety and health of our organisations. Melissa is the Past President of the Northwest Chapter of ATAP and serves on the national sponsorship committee.

With the federal courts, Melissa developed a comprehensive video series focused on preventing workplace violence. Melissa holds an MBA from the University of Washington and a law degree with a focus on employment law and mediation from Seattle University School of Law. She has recently applied to join AfATAP and so appreciates the exchange of ideas and knowledge across our threat assessment communities.


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